Introducing Spain

Located in the southwest of Europe, littered with hundreds of sun-drenched beaches, flamenco dancers swirling in color and bullfighters parading their stuff in the bullrings, Spain is a passionate nation working a mysterious magic. Introducing Spain, which is the main focus of this article, you will easily understand why this country is a popular destination with thousands of summer holidaymaker’s from all across the world.

Spain is a beautiful and diverse country, sharing Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. To its northeast lie the borders with France and the tiny Andorra. Balearic Islands located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea define its limits in the west. The picturesque Canary Islands, the Atlantic Ocean form a backdrop to the south. This is what makes a Spain vacation a complete enriching and inspiring experience because of the wide variety of destinations, activities and landscapes.

Moving on with the introduction of Spain, visiting this country is often a revelation for those tourists who expect it to be mostly known for beach tourism. A country of large geographical and cultural diversity, a Spain vacation happily surprises these tourists with green lush meadows, deep blue valleys, snowy mountains in the North and the golden desert zones in the South. There is something for everybody here. The wide white sand beaches of Spain are world famous. The exotic black sand beaches of the volcanic Canary Islands are must to experience.

As a foreword on Spain, don’t forget to include in your Spain vacation the proud, solitary castles and medieval towns are scattered across the interior. The white villages glittering in the inlands are surrounded by the rugged mountain ranges draped across the country. Today, after 30 years of democracy and a fast economic development, it is a pleasure to see the Spain’s cities adorn themselves with new ornaments of the modern life. A swarm of local and international architects have made their mark in the daring signature buildings in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, just to name a few.

While introducing Spain, how can one forget to mention the one thing Spaniards love – to eat, drink and be merry. You can feel the zest for life while moving across the country whether gorging on tapas over fine wine in Madrid or its elaborate Basque Country equivalent, pintxos, over cider in the north.


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